Taiwan Patents: 128342
China Patents: 313432
Japan Patents:3046504

CMC VS-E series horizontal screen applied three -shaft vibrating mechanism to have an oval stroke motion. Screen efficiency is much better compared to traditional straight and circle stroke. Special mechanism with no bending and no heat stretch on shaft, so service life of bearing is extremely long.
Rugged design with huck-bolted frames and integrated screen deck gives ever long service of frame structure. Sizes range from 4' x 10' to 8' x 20' and are available in single, two, three deck arrangements.


  • VS412
  • VS414
  • VS514
  • VS516
  • VS616
  • VS620
  • VS718
  • VS720
  • VS820

    Note : Each model has 2 or 3 decks.

    EX : VT616-2EC/VT616-3EC


  • Three shaft vibrator.
  • Replaceable bearing seat design
  • Huck bolted frame structure
  • Integrated fabricated screen decks.
  • Oversized bearing
  • Equipped with rubber spring.


  • Rock crushing
  • Sand and gravel
  • Recycling
  • Wet screening
  • Mineral processing
  • Chemical production
  • Portable application


  • Best screen efficiency due to oval stroke motion.
  • Long bearing life due to advance vibrator without bending and heat stretch
  • Long frame life time due to integral screen deck; high strength side plates and hucking bolt frame design
  • Replaceable bearing seat design to easily change bearing and all parts at site
  • Amplitude can be adjustable through counterweight
  • Equipped with rubber spring to have smooth start and stop operation
  • Universal joint power transfer to minimize bearing loading