U.S. Patent No.: 5915638/6520437
Taiwan Patent No.: 132720/143974
Japan Patent No.: 3046502
European Patents No.:2345867
China Patents No.:349167
Vietnam Patent No.:H199900

CMC PS Series High Performance Cone Crusher is "brother" model with PA model. PS and PA are 100% identical interior with same capacity and product shape; only exterior is traditional mechanical with hydraulic. So PS provides easy operation and maintain but without many skills......more

PS combines speed, stroke and cavity design perfectly and can provide higher capacity and better product quality. CMC PS high performance can produce high percentages of fines which is very suitable for mining application and sand crushing.


  • P2S
  • P3S
  • P4S

    Note : Each model has 5 cavities as SS
    (extraine) / S(Fine) / F(Medium) / C(Coarse) / CC(Extra Coarse)

    Ex : PSS2S / PS2 / PF2S / PC2S / PCC2S


  • High capacity, cubic product shape.
  • High yield with desired fines
  • High rotation speed, large eccentric throw.
  • Low profile, compact structure. rubber damper crusher chassis design
  • Hydraulic with mechanical system for CSS adjustment, tramp iron passing and material release.
  • Self tighten Mantle & Concave


  • Primary and secondary hard rock crushing
  • Mixed demolition debris
  • Crushed or broken concrete
  • Asphalt
  • River rock
  • Industrial applications


  • Can reach at least 90% of Metso the same HP cone model
  • High capacity
  • Cubic product shape and high yield with desired fines
  • Large crushing ratio
  • Low operation and wear cost due to less over size
  • Easy maintenance and operation by self-tighten Mantle & Concave and traditional mechanical-hydraulic system exterior.