Introduction of CMC stone crushing plant

CMC create unique single Dump hopper, double Tunnel Crushing process improve efficiency and reduce production cost significant.

Combined with centralized plant design, tall control room and variable speed feeder etc, the advantages are ...... more

  • Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Crushing stages can be individual operated due to twin tunnels system.
  • Constant capacity and cubic shape by choke feeding cone crusher
  • Minimize operator. Typical 300-500T/H only need one operator in control room and the other for maintenance plant itself
  • All the final products are from tertiary cone crusher only. Secondary cone crusher does not take any final products. Therefore, product shape is very cubic. Besides, the fines under CSS of tertiary crusher are also mixed together into feeding of tertiary crusher which make final products of tertiary crusher is very beautiful due to cavity is dense

Process of Stone Crushing Plant :
Big rock is fed into dump hopper and sent by grizzly feeder to jaw crusher. Mud and fines size below grizzly bars will by pass into scalp screen which locate under grizzly feeder to separate quarry waste out and large size again join output of jaw crusher to first tunnel. From first tunnel, material is sent by variable speed feeder and conveyor into secondary cone crusher. Product of secondary cone crusher will be sent to second tunnel. From second tunnel, material is sent by variable speed feeder and conveyor into tertiary cone crusher. Product of tertiary cone crushers will be sent to product screen for separation of final products. Over size will be returned back to second tunnel again. Sometimes VSI is required for shaping of aggregate, also river gravel crushing will required additional sand classifier and mud water recycle process.

Points for attention in choosing stone crushing plant :
Every crushing plant is a tailor made delicated one designed by CMC to fit each client specific requirement. Therefore mutual communication on specification is very important.
So when ordering, or to receive a complete quotation, please specify the following.

1. What is the material to be crushed?
2. Material properties (specific gravity, hardness, adhesiveness and brittleness)
3. Temperature of material
4. Does the material have corrosive property?
5. Moisture content and clay or dirt content of material.

(B)Crushing conditions
1. Desired size of product.
2. Maximum size of material, and size distribution of feeds.
3. Per-hour crushing capacity desired (maximum and mean)

(C)Scope of supply
1. Voltage and frequency of power supply available.
2. Special condition such as restriction of installation space or transportation weights etc.
3. Additional devices desired, if any.

CMC has a standard form for client to fill the specification upon inquiring a complete crushing plant.